Thursday, December 30, 2010


Frankly speaking, soft drinks do not have any nutritional value( in terms of vitamins & minerals). They have higher sugar content, higher acidity, and more additives such as preservatives and coloring. Some people like to take cold soft drinks after each meal, guess what's the impact?
Our body has an optimum temperature of 37" for the functioning of digestive enzymes. The temperature of cold soft drinks is much less than 37, sometimes quite close to 0. This lowers the effectiveness of the enzymes and puts stress on our digestive system, digesting less food. In fact the food gets fermented. The fermented food produces bad smelling, gases, decays and forms toxins, which are absorbed in the intestines, get circulated in the blood and is delivered to the whole body. This spread of toxins can lead to the development of various diseases.
There was a competition in Delhi University "who can drink the most coke?" The winner drank 8 bottles and died on the spot because of too much carbon dioxide in the blood and not enough oxygen.
Someone put a broken tooth in a bottle of pepsi and in 10 days it got dissolved! Teeth and bones are the only human organ that stays intact for years after death.
Dont take cold soft drinks after meal or with meal. Dont drink more than one bottle of soft drink. It is even better than beer.

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Hajra said...

I totally agree with you. The Delhi University student who did that, was someone I knew.
Though I do enjoy cold drinks, I have cut down drastically on the number of cans I gulp in. About one in a month or so.
You have bought up a very valid discussion!

realfengshuisolutions said...

It is best not to take cold drinks of any kind while eating or immediately afterwards. It does lower the temperature of the stomach and impedes digestion.
I do love my Coke, never cold though, but am trying to cut way back.

edugoogle said...

Thank you all for your comments, drink moderately and stay healthy

Anonymous said...

evn i agree wid it...stay healthyy by drnkingg fresh juicess

ugonna ikeokwu said...

cold drinks are not good during and after meal? We ve all fallen victim of this ignorance in my house

Anonymous said...

so coca cola contains carbon dioxide?

Chinedu Henry said...

Yes, Soft drinks contains carbon dioxide. It is this substance that gives it the refreshing taste.

tony thawe said...

Does it reduce sperms in men?

naman montu said...

thank s for providing the information i will try to control myself and will try not to drink cold drinks

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